With the unfortunate job market today and unemployment as high as 17 percent in some places finding creative ways to make extra money is becoming a necessity. Either one or both of the bread winners are either laid off or in some cases have taken a pay cut. The need for making extra money is widespread. If this is your situation, below are some creative ways to make extra money.

Creative Ways to Make Extra Money Taking Surveys

There are a few legitimate companies who are willing to pay you to complete surveys regarding various products or services. The surveys are generally controlled, i.e., they only allow you to complete a small number of surveys per day and there is a process you normally have to go through so they can decide which surveys to allow you to complete. You definitely can make some money but make sure it's a legitimate company. One company you might want to look up is called "Pinecone Research". I have heard some good things about this survey company.

Creative Ways to Make Extra Money with Online Data Entry Jobs

There are a number of companies that have decided to outsource some of their form data entry work to reduce expenses. The companies save money on overhead expenses such as benefits and rent and occupancy costs. This is a good opportunity but it's not as easy to find companies willing to hire individuals who aren't already associated with a contracting firm. It's much easier for a company to work with people who have been interviewed and checked out already. It can be done but you have to use your creative ways to find the right company to make extra money at home.

Make sure you stay away from the companies looking to for you to pay them to train you for the data entry job. Generally you are guaranteed success but getting one assignment that pays you $20 won't cover the tuition you pay to learn basically terminology for a particular industry. I'm not saying none of them are legit but proceed with caution and do your homework.

Creative Ways to Make Extra Money Selling Other People's Products

One of my favorite ways to make money online is selling other people's products which is known as affiliate marketing. What I do is market products via blogs, websites or creating ads using all free resources.

The great thing is that you really don't need to be a techie to setup some free blogs or websites nowadays because it's mostly self explanatory and you pretty much can get started in a day or two.

More time is spent trying to figure out what you want to market then how to actually set it up. The other great thing is that vendors want and need affiliate marketers to succeed so they offer a lot of help.

This by far has been one of the best creative ways to make extra money I have found that pays enough to make a difference in life.

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